What is the impact of an A/R account on the primary checking account?

Client is a House Cleaner & works alone.  She's accustomed to just picking up here check when she finishes her work. Convinced client it would be helpful to create invoices , even if we don't actually give them to the client.  But now I'm stuck, having already set up a checking account for her & posted a year's worth of deposits.  Can I set up an A/R account now & what impact does it have on the checking account?  
New territory for me.  I'm accustomed to just doing my own accounts.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  • Thank you Tom.  I'm just using Quicken Home & Business.  But what you say makes sense.  Not being an accountant, there's a lot I don't know or have forgotten about A/R.  Appreciate your answering my question
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