Portfolio Keeps Changing Back to Current Date After I've Selected A Date I Want

I'm working in the Portfolio, correcting share balances in past months. I pull up a Security Detail View window to fix any erroneous transactions, and also pull up a PDF of my Brokerage Statement. When I go back to the full Portfolio view, nine times out of ten, the date has changed back to the current date. I don't always immediately realize this, and think I still have an error in the number of shares in a particular security, but no, it's just that Quicken has changed the date on me. It's really irritating. Is there a way to tell Quicken not to change the date I've selected?


  • Sorry, I forgot to mention. I use Quicken 2019 Premier.
  • Sherlock
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    There are a few file operations that will cause Quickn to reset the date to today.  You may want to consider printing the Portfolio view (press Ctrl + P) to a PDF as well.
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    From C. D. Bales:

    You can use the Investing > Portfolio Value report to see share balances as of any date of your choosing.

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