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I have a report that shows my business expenses. Everything looks fine, but when I exported it as a csv file, the resulting file had some completely unrelated capital gains transactions at the end. Those capital gains aren't in the report I see on my screen, and I have no idea why they're in the exported report.


  • Minor edit to my original post - the report shows my business income (not expenses).
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    Which report are you using?
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  • It's one that I set up several years ago and saved as a custom report. I'm pretty sure it started out as a category summary report, but I'm not positive. Is there an easy way to tell? The customization options are date, account, category, and tag. It's also, of course, exportable.
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    The reason I ask is because the reports in Quicken Mac are currently split in two types: the "old reports" (which use an old reports engine carried over from he 2010-era Quicken Essentials) and the "new reports" (which use an all-new reports engine developed in 2017. Eventually, all the reports will be the "new reports", but they've still been working on building out the features of the new reports engine.

    When you open your report, what does it look like at the top?

    ^^ This is from the "old" Category Summary report.

    ^^ This is from the "New Report".

    If your report is the "old" report, I've seen several posts on this forum in recent months about erroneous data in reports. I can't recall the details, but my impression has been that there maybe something broken somewhere in the old reports, and the developers have been focused on the new reports. So my first step in troubleshooting would be to see if you can create a report using New Report to include the data you want. This will (a) likely solve your problem, (b) give you the expanded feature of news reports (being able to control which columns appear in the report, changing column order and column width), and (c) insure you won't have any transition problems whenever they phase out the old reports.
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  • Sorry for the delay - I just saw your latest reply. I was using an old report. I ultimately was able to recreate it using a new report and the extraneous data was not there when I exported it, which supports your theory.

    A couple of notes for others who might experience the same thing:
    1. When I went to the Reports menu and selected Category Summary, I got the old report. To get a new report, I had to use Reports > New Report
    2. To generate the report with the same information as the old Category Summary, I had to make it a Transaction Report (Reports > New Report; When the dialog appears, select Transaction; Choose Categories for rows.)

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    Glad you were able to create the report you needed using New Report. Hopefully they'll transition everyone to the New Reports in the not-too-distant-future and get rid of the problematic old reports.
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