Commission on bond sales - Q error

Looks like Q 2019 is still treating comm on bond sales as income instead of expense, adding it to the total proceeds instead of deducting it. Just had an online chat about this with the development team. It was surreal, to say the least. Essentially, they kept asking why I thought Q should deduct the comm instead of adding it. Apparently they believe that bond comm is a payment from the FI to me - as opposed to stock comm, in which I pay the FI. At any rate, after playing around with this for a while, the solution appears to be putting a minus sign in front of the bond comm. Though I have no idea why that should be necessary. Does anyone know how one-step update handles these transactions?


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    Can you post a screen shot of what you're talking about?

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    Enter Transaction > Bonds Bought: The commission needs to be entered as a negative number in order to properly be added to the Total Cost.
    Enter Transaction > Buy - Shares Bought: The commission can be entered normally, as a positive number, and will be added to the Total Cost.
    Incidentally, as of yesterday Q seems to have fixed this (after strenuously denying that it was a problem). Did Q 2019 receive an update yesterday?
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