Decimal places for shares, change the default

I am working on a historical spin off and would like the number of decimal places for the new shares to match the historical record (3 places), whereas the program is using 4 places. Is there a way to set the default for a stock (and time period) to 3? If not, what is the best method for removing the "extra" fractional shares? Thanks.

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  • Sherlock
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    We cannot set the precision used by Quicken but we can set the precision displayed on reports.  If necessary, I suggest you remove shares using a Removed action transaction and reset the cost basis using Added shares transactions.
  • D Bunker
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    I prefer the J_Mike approach as the cost basis was correct, only the "precision" of the number of shares needed adjusting. His method requires less effort.
  • D Bunker
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    Dear J_Mike: When I am editing, I use the Accounts window. Can I filter or mask to show only that security? I see that I can sort by the security name which will work. But I don't think that I can edit transaction share numbers from a custom report with only that security, right? Thanks.
  • J_Mike
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    Unfortunately, QWin does not have that register filtering capability.

    Suggest running Reports > Investing > Investment Transactions report.
    Customize to display the desired security.
    Double-click on a transaction in the report to open an editing dialog.

    Be sure to do frequent backups along the way - that is you escape route in case of an error.
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