Problems with Reconcile tool

Kathy Crowley Catelotti
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Reconcile tool says "all items are cleared", this is untrue, how can I fix this?   (this is the first time this has ever occurred.)


  • The Keeper
    The Keeper Member ✭✭✭✭
    I've experienced this before and it is usually my error.
    * Ending statement date correct?
    * Ending balance amount correct?
    Do you download your statement from your banks website or receive a hard copy in the mail. I just experienced this same reconcile problem last month and discovered that when I downloaded my bank statement, I downloaded the December statement instead of January statement. When I entered the number amount from my statement in the reconcile window, it stated "all items are cleared." Let us know if you are still experiencing a problem
  • G. Massey, Thanks for your comments.  We do not download our bank statement.  Program seems to want to force us to download.  I do not want to download it.
    I thought I had suspended the downloading ability but with any recent update to my quicken it probably turned it back on....I don't know.  Never had this problem previously.  Last time I reconciled was with the January paper bank statement.
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