How do I put a date in an invoice for each day that I do work for a client?

I am starting to use Quicken for billing clients.  I do substantial work on an hourly basis.  On the invoices I want to show my clients the dates as well as the hours spent for a client.


  • Thanks for letting me know.  I did call and they started to do something to my computer.  Is there anything I can do to be sure they did not get any confidential info?
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    Change all of your bank/card/brokerage passwords ... because you can't tell for sure what they might have copied to their own computers.
    You might, also, consider putting a block on your Credit report at the credit bureau.  Placing a block at one MIGHT (can't remember) propagate to the others ... but I'm unsure
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  • Thanks.
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    To answer your question:
    You cannot add user-defined fields to the layout of an invoice.
    The only thing you can do, as you enter line items for the invoice, is to add the date to the line item description.
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