"Oops. Something went wrong" when trying to enter my password

I am running Quicken Windows Subscription, updated to the latest version, and when I load the program it is requiring me to login. However, when I enter my password it won't accept it even though I know the password is correct. 

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    Do you use Quicken file password? Otherwise you would not normally be prompted for login unless opening a new file.
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  • I do use a Quicken file password and that is working fine. After entering the Quicken file password I get another window that says, "Enter Quicken ID Password". I enter it, but it tells me " Quicken itself is prompting me "Oops, something went wrong ..." I know my password is correct because it works on the Quicken website just fine. 
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    Stuck in loop with logon to Quicken.com? Quicken fails to start? (Windows 10)

    Check if Windows Defender feature Ransomware protection is enabled. Configure or deactivate the Ransomware feature (may also be called "Controlled Folders")


  • @thecreator
    That worked! 
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    Hi  @lacheney ,

    Suggestion: Do a Backup of your current Router settings. This way, if you need to do a Factory Reset of your Router, because of errors as well as Loss of Power or Power Outages or even Power Spikes that might mess up the Router Settings. You can do a Factory Reset, then simply Restore the Router settings, you were using.

    Make sense?

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