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Earning Points and Badges

What could be better than learning more about Quicken?  Helping other people learn more, too!

Our community has a wide range of badges offered to users who are willing to pitch in and make the community a better place; adding a photo, voting on a post, and answering questions are all examples of how to earn badges in the community!  You can see your badges on your profile, by clicking your avatar on the top-right of the community.

Rack up points on the community with almost every action you take!

Answer a question: Browse categories to see if there are any questions you can answer, or select “Unanswered Questions” on the left to see a list of all the questions you could answer. Helping out feels great!

Get an Accepted Answer: every user has the option to say whether your answer did the trick--give a good answer, and get the kudos!

Discuss: No questions?  No problem!  You can add a new discussion or browse the community for interesting topics you'd like to discuss with other Quicken users.

React to posts: Every post has the opportunity for a reaction--just click a button to let others know what you think:

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