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  • Mike O'Brien
    Kathryn - I seem to have two profiles, and they are both displayed on my profile page. If I click on the settings gear icon and view my profile, it says "Joined July 2016 Visits 6 Last Active 7:57PM Roles Member Points 28 Badges 5." If on the same page I click on the profile photo icon, it says I just joined in 2018 an have no badges. I don't care about the badges, but something in my file is messed up. Any thoughts on that. Thanks. Mike O'Brien
    February 16
    • Quicken Kathryn
      Quicken Kathryn
      Hi @Mike O'Brien - this is due to the old community allowing duplicate usernames, so you weren't the only "Mike O'Brien". This has been updated, so you shouldn't have any issues with your profile going forward--

    • famous jemez
      famous jemez
      Hi. they seem to work only after a new statement has posted. So only download once per month.
    • famous jemez
      famous jemez
      B of A credit card statements, I meant.
  • brenteastwood1946
    I have just purchased and downloaded the latest version of Quicken - Quicken 2019.  I have been using Quicken for +/-20 years.  When it was installing, I received a message saying it had failed.  I closed the web site, found the downloaded file, double clicked on it to start the install.  I then received a message saying I had to uninstall the existing version, using Control Panel.  So here is the interesting thing - Quicken does not exist in the Apps (I use Windows 10).  How can it not exist?  How can I install the new pragram if I can't uninstall the old one?
    February 5
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    February 24
  • p.broadbent
    How do I hide my email address in my post on community?
    February 20