Left Sidebar "Comments" appears only on Profile page, but should always appear

Why does the left sidebar in some places show only "My Discussions" for finding something I've recently posted...

while on my Profile page, it also shows "Comments", which list every comment I've posted individually ...

If I'm looking for something I've posted, it's sometimes easier to find in a list of my Comments than  searching through long threads in Discussions.

Can the left sidebar be standardized to always include "Comments"?

(Also, why is it "My Discussions" on topic pages but "Discussions" on my profile page; why not make them the same in both places.)
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  • Scooterlam
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    Add "my" Comments to this filter bar on the homepage (image), such as the one found under View Profile.  I would also suggest that wherever My Bookmarks and My Discussions are displayed, the "My" Comments filter option should be displayed as well.  I can only find my Comments under the view profile menu.

    Also,   If you can modify the label "Comments" to "My Comments", consistent in meaning to My Discussions and My Bookmarks.  Seems like a "core" filter that is missing on some common pages.