Why doesn't Quicken remember the Current Date in Reports

One thing that really frustrates me about Quick is on the Home page, I always have a remote that shows my portfolios to the current date.   The problem is Quicken doesn't seem to automatically update the current date.   

For example, let's say on Jan 1st I set the report to be Date to Current (ie., 1/1/2006 to Current Date).   It will obviously default for Jan 1st.    However, let's say I move forward in time to Feb 1st.   The original View is still only showing the report to Jan 1sts, not Feb 1st.

Is there anyway to create a dynamic view that will always how my balances to the current date?


  • Jim_Harman
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    Which Home page panel are you referring to?

    On panels like Portfolio Value vs. Cost basis, most of the standard date range settings default to ending on today's date. You can even set the date range to "Custom to date". 

    If you choose "Custom" for the date range, it will remember the end date as I would expect. 
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