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Hello, I have been a Quicken user for more than 15.  I have tried to keep my version current within 3 years, but this year has proven to be impossible due to my Mac not having the version of Yosemite to support the Quicken 2019 version.  I have version 10.10.5 and that is current for my computer. I do not intend to buy a new Mac to use Quicken.  Can you understand my frustration and need to keep using Quicken 2016 with updates? Please reconsider this for all versions of Quicken as it still does what I need as I am sure it does for many other users. 

Kim Jackson

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  • NotACPA
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    I'm sorry, but I don't understand your frustration.  EXACTLY, what are you asking for?

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  • kajkrafter
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    I have been told that the Quicken 2016 will not be supported as of the end of April 2019. I am required to upgrade Quicken to a newer version and the Quicken 2019 is not supported by my computer.  Do you see my frustration?  I do want to stay current with the versions of Quicken, but cannot due to my computers limitations on having the version of Yosemite that supports Quicken 2019.  So why cant Quicken keep supporting the 2016 version?
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