Is anything being done about the issue of NOT being able to send emailed invoices and estimates

I have never used any other version of Quicken prior to the H&B Subscription version i have. I have had ongoing issues with trying to email invoices and estimates. Now it appears with the latest version update R18.15 none of the emails are actually getting received; even though quicken indicates that the email was successfully sent.
Does anyone know what the status of this is?


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    What PRECISE email client are you running?  Is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

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    Quicken Subscription doesn't use an email client. Quicken sends through a Quicken, Inc. SMTP server. Is your Quicken ID a Yahoo email address any chance? Are your customers checking their spam folders since the email is HTML formatted? You can print an invoice as a PDF and send it as an attachment.
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    Yes, i realize from all the posts, that Quicken uses their own server. My quicken ID is a GMAIL address. When i first started using this and sending out Invoices, they sometimes showed up in Spam folders; and even the copies i received in Gmail, had a Spam Warning attached. It does give you the option to send in HTML or Plain Text; but, i always send in HTML.
    I realize that you can Print to PDF then attach to an email, which is what i have started doing. This is probably not a huge issue for me; as i don't have a large amount of invoices to deal with. But, users that deal with large amounts of invoices; would not want to (nor should they have to) do this extra (time-consuming) step. After all, this is a feature of the product that is being paid for; therefore it should work properly.
    Another issue that i have noted, is that; the Mileage Tracker does not have the latest IRS "rates" for 2019 (only goes through 2018, which was different). I already notified Quicken Support, and was told that it would be taken care of. There has already been another update released in Feb 2019, since me having notified them; and, the problem has not been addressed. So, i will probably have to make another call to them about that.
    Part of my concern, and what appears to be true (from all the posts i have read); is that with every new release there seems to be new issues to deal with. And, it seems that they are not properly Field Testing these updates before they are released. I have worked on things that dealt with both hardware/software enough to know, that if software updates are not fully tested; they can sometimes not work as advertised; but, also end up breaking things that worked fine previously.
    In my opinion all software products has become way too expensive for the average user. And, now with everyone starting to only offer subscription versions of products; rather than a perpetual license, it costs even more. With the additional costs, you expect the product to work correctly.
    Sorry to carry on, and i do appreciate all the responses. Sometimes, the online community support groups; is the only way to get issues resolved!
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    I am also having this issue...Now I have to print and send as attached to an email.  This is exactly why I started with this program, so I wouldn't have to do this...Now I have paid for Quicken and still have to do this...I am soooo not happy!
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    over the past couple years  I've wrestled with this issue as well. Does anyone really use Quicken PDF as their default printer? I've also given up and just print the invoices, scan them, and then email them. Very Frustrating!
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