Giant (and erroneous) negative unrealized gain after stock sale

David Roodman
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Here's a nice graph of my net worth courtesy of Quicken 2017 Premier for Windows. Everything was going well until Monday, when I lost $135 million. But, hey, these things happen: 

The source of the trouble appears to be that on Monday my wife sold some shares of the company she works for, Anthem, which she had received through their stock incentive program into her Etrade account. If I click Show Report, and then double-click on the (supposed) big loss in the Etrade account for March, I get a transaction list that includes this (I've blocked out a few numbers for privacy):

The Etrade account also includes some options grants, which vest in tranches, and most of those tranches are still in the future.

Where are those UnrlzG transactions coming from and how do I fix them? There's no way on earth we made or lost that kind of money!

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  • David Roodman
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    Thank you, Jim. I did delete and recreate the transaction that took place on that day (actually a stock sale rather than option exercise, which seems to have screwed up the option accounting). And that did solve the problem. But I vaguely recall this happening before, so it seems like there is an ongoing bug.
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