Get rid of duplicate "Accepted Answer" posts

A recent change in the site configuration resulted in an "Accepted Answer" appearing in a thread twice: once at the top, immediately under the original post in the thread, and then again inline where it fits chronologically in the thread. I'm not a fan of this style, and urge you to change it.

the first problem is that when the first answer post becomes the "accepted answer," it then appears duplicated one after the other. Here's an example:

It looks like a mistakenly duplicated post, but it's actually intentional with this site configuration.

Second, when the "accepted answer" appears further down a thread, it is confusing the read the original post, then the accepted answer, then the first, second, third, etc. reply to the post. The "accepted answer" doesn't really stand out, and unless you notice the little label on the far right side as you start reading, the context gets confusing.

Other sites like this tend to do one of two things to solve this problem: (1) Under the original post, there's a prominent link to  "Jump to accepted answer"; (2) The accepted answer appears immediately under the original post, and all other replies don't appear initially; there's a link to allow the user to show the rest of the thread.

If the Vanilla software doesn't allow something like one of these two options, then I think it would be preferable to revert to the original behavior here, which is to flag the accepted answer but NOT repeat it at the top of the thread.
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  • jacobs
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    There was extensive discussion of this in a different thread (in the Lounge), but nothing has been done after several months now, other than making the "Accepted Answer" tag green instead of gray. I am bumping this topic because I'm increasingly finding it too much mental work to try to read many threads in the forum, as both end users and Quicken moderators are often marking multiple posts as "Accepted Answer" -- resulting in each of them being repeated twice, making the out-of-order thread even harder to piece together.

    @Quicken Sarah Is there any hope of eliminating the duplicate posts using one of the suggested ways to separating accepted posts from the chronological thread, or are we stuck with the current painful approach indefinitely? Thanks.
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