Issue when inputting multiple transactions to an investment account with linked checking account

Using Quicken 2019, current updates.  I have an investment account with a linked checking account.  Whenever I try to input multiple transactions (buy, sell, etc.) from the transaction edit window in the investment account using cash from the linked checking account, only the first transaction inputs correctly as a BoughtX or SoldX.  If I press the Enter/New button, any other transaction of the same type is automatically marked as "Use cash... From this account's cash balance" instead of from the correct linked checking account.  The option to choose the correct linked account is greyed out.  Any transaction input after the first goes in as a Bought or Sold, without the linked transfer.

My current work-arounds are to either input the transaction by using the Enter/Done button, and then open a new edit window; or change the transaction type to something else and back again, i.e. from buy to sell, then from sell back to buy.  This will reset the edit window to "use cash... from *linked checking account*".  I have to do this for each consecutive transaction to get it to input as a BoughtX or SoldX with a transfer from the linked account.

What am I doing incorrectly?

Thank you,

- Garrett

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