My niece added lots of data to my quicken file. When she finished, I saved the file with added 'rev1' to the old file name. When I go to backup, Quicken displays the original file( without rev1 showing) How do I backup this new file? Thanks.


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    Q automatically opens the last data file that you used.  You probably need to Open the Rev1 file in order to back it up.
    It should be displayed at the bottom of your FILE menu ... or you can do FILE, Open Quicken file.
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    Got it. Thanks
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    A better method of backing up is to select the option that adds the date to the file name and save the backup files to a drive, thumb drive.  File>Backup And Restore>Backup Quicken FIle.  You can also use Ctrl-B.  The best solution for quick and each backups it to put a Backup shortcut on the Quicken toolbar.

    NAS drive that is not permanently attached to the computer you are using Quicken on.  If you (or your niece) need to make more that one backup in a day you can just overwrite the old file for the day, you will get a warning for this.

    I backup to an NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive that backs up to another NAS drive and they are backed up once a quarter to a drive that is kept in a Safe Deposit Box offsite.  The same can be accomplished by rotating two thumb drives for daily backups and then using two other thumb drives to rotate to an off site location.

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