Price history of options is off by one day

Price history for options and cerian mutual funds are off by one day. e.g. Price of an option on 3/12/2019 shows up as the price for 3/11, price for 3/11 shows up as for 3/8 etc. I have updated Quicken to the latest version.


  • Jim_Harman
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    I don']t know about options, but mutual funds are priced only at the end of the day so if you download the prices on 3/12 before about 7PM Eastern time, you will see the 3/11 closing prices.

    If you look at the Quote/Price column in the Portfolio views after downloading prices during the day, there will be a little clock next to the price for any security whose price has not been updated today. Hovering over the clock will show the date of the last update. 
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  • Murali Narayanan
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    Thanks Jim. I understand that. I download at around 9pm PT. The clock icon goes away but says no change to the mutual fund or options price. Then I look in the price history and today's price is shown as yesterday's. It only happens with some mutual funds but occurs for all my options every day. i.e. the previous day's price gets updated with the current price.
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