Cash in Portfilio Investing View, Grouped by Accounts

Hi There,
I wonder if other have the same thinking. I have premier active, my portfolio has several accounts and per account, beside securities, two money market accounts, which are used to transfers or buy and sells. 
The money market accounts appear between the securities. Underneath the security list (of each account) is a Quicken provided row called Cash. I would like the have the money market accounts organized there and not in-between the securities.
I changed in Edit Security the asset class to cash. Both money market accounts appear now under Cash when grouped by "Asset class" but not when grouped by "Accounts". 
I think it would be a nice change and helpful to organize money market accounts under Cash as to search for them in-between the securities. 

Another question; is there a possibility to have a box in an optional column to edit a note like hold, sell, etc.? Thank you.


  • Jim_Harman
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    One question per post, please.

    You don't say if you care about the listing order of the other securities in your accounts. If you don't care about that and you just want to have the money market funds listed at the bottom of each account, you could click on the Quote/Price column to sort in that order.

    Assuming you don't have any penny stocks, the money funds with a share price of $1.00 will sort to the bottom. If they are at the top instead, click again.

    If your balance in the money market funds is less than your other securitiies, you could sort by the Market Value column instead. I find this a useful sort order because it puts my largest holdings at the top.
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  • Hartmut
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    Thanks, Jim,
    That helps to find the money market accounts out of the listing of securities to have them on top or bottom.
    I mostly view by sorting the "Price Change %" column. It's just tempting to expect the "Cash" row to be utilized for those money accounts since given by design to each portfolio account. 
    It collects all money accounts properly underneath in grouping by "Asset class" and would be nice to have that by portfolio account.

    How do you think about a short notice field to each security? I don't want to do it in an extra spreadsheet.

  • Jim_Harman
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    edited March 2019
    Another alternatve if you want to think of the money market funds as uninvested cash, would be to manually enter a Sell transaction in Quicken for each of them and let the money sit in the account's Cash bucket. If you do this you will have to delete any subsequent downloaded Buy or Sell thransactions for these funds and ignore any messages after downloading complaining about the mismatched money market fund balances.

    Please post a separate question about your proposed notice field, so that other people can find it.
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  • Hartmut
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    Thanks again, Jim.
    I would prefer to have the money accounts active updatable since I use them also to put dividends.

    PS. Will post a separate question about the notice field.
  • q_lurker
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    While a MM Fund security may have the Type = Cash and an Asset Class = Cash, that does not make it the same as Cash.  The 'Cash' presentation in the Group By Account setting is (suppose to be) cash balance as shown in that column for the account.  As no other subgrouping is implied when a Group by Account is used, I would not expect cash and MM funds to be so grouped.  

    You might be able name the MM Funds "Cash-MM Fund a" "zzMMFund a" or similar to get something closer to your desires out of the box.

    As Jim pointed out, I'll also repeat that some users prefer to NOT track MM Funds as a security, such that their cash balance equals their MM fund balance.  That approach also bypasses the pricing issues that pop up on occasion and the possibly frequent Buy/Sell transactions of that fund. That would seem to be a better approach to fit your desires.  That approach does not prevent dividends from being recorded.  That approach might conflict with the ways your FI downloads information.  But your choice as to which is better and easier for you.
  • Hartmut
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    Thanks q_lurker,
    The only cash in my portfolio is in MM accounts as my brokerage does it. So I have no real use for the Quicken Cash provided row. That's why I wished there would be a way to see the MM accounts separated there. Especially when I saw that they appearing there by Asset Class grouping.

    However I am new in Quicken; can live with how it is. I started to find the best setup for me. Have to say this version of Premium Quicken is amazing, a great help to organize and observe my portfolio.
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