Why do actual transactions not go into the Budget categories?

I have a detailed budget established, but most of my everyday expenses are put on a credit card.  The transactions are always listed, and I correct the budget category in the transaction list if it is incorrect.  However, when the monthly budget is displayed, the spending transactions are not listed in the categories.  It just shows the total credit card payment.  If the money comes out of the bank account, it is put in the proper budget category.  How can this be corrected?

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  • jacobs
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    Just trying to understand how you'r doing things: do you have a separate account (int helot sidebar) for your credit card, with each credit card transaction entered (or downloaded)? Or are you creating one big transaction in your checking account for each credit card payment, with lots of splits?
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  • janefortworth
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    Not quite sure what your question is...  I don't have a separate account for credit card transactions.  When each credit card transaction is recorded, it has a category.  But, the actual charge is not shown in the budget as an expense.  The only expense listed is the actual credit card payment each month.  How can I make each charge go into it's assigned category?

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