How can you do an employee stock option cashless exercise?

I have employee stock options which are managed through Solium, an outside service.  I can do a cashless exercise that allows me to convert options to owned shares by selling a limited number of options to use the cash proceeds for the overall exercise.  For example, if I have 10,000 options at a $1 strike price and the market price is $5, I only need to sell 200 shares to cover the overall exercise price of $1,000.  So I sell 1,000 and hold 9,000 shares.  Quicken wont let me enter a transaction like this.  Help. 

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  • mshiggins
    mshiggins SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I assume the grant has been entered in Quicken and the shares you want to exercise are vested. 

    You would then do a same day sale to enter your cashless exercise. 

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  • Jeffrey Coats
    Jeffrey Coats Member ✭✭
    Yes it is already entered. That approach doesn’t work because I need to sell enough of the shares to cover the exercise cost and Quicken doesn’t give me the flexibility to do that.  Your approach only works if I am exercising and selling all of the exercised shares. 
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