Can the Toolbar be moved to the Bottom of the Box for Comments?

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Can the Toolbar be moved to the Bottom of the Window instead of having it at the top of the Window?

As you type, the Toolbar disappears, the more information you have type in, forcing one to scroll back up to edit.

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This request is not available via the Vanilla forum platform and as such is being marked as Not Planned. If the ability becomes available at some point in the future, this Idea will be revisited.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    This is Vanilla's way of telling you your post is too long. :p

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  • jacobs
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    The layout of the text editor is likely core to the Vanilla platform and not something Quicken can tweak on this site.

    And be careful what you wish for! ;) If you saw the brief preview we got of their new/current text editor, which Kathryn enabled and then disabled very quickly because of some side issues with this site that needed to be worked out, there is essentially no toolbar. 

    Text formatting is done with context-sensitive pop-up menus, like highlighting a block of text...

     ... and paragraph formatting via a pop-up toolbar on the left side...

    ...while inserting elements is done with a slimmed-down toolbar on the bottom (which seems to address your wish not to have to scroll back to the top), or apparently strickly with keyboard commands rather than icons. 

    Kathryn hasn't indicated what progress they've made fixing the issues which came up during the first trial of the new editor, or when she may be ready to try enabling it again. (There appeared to be one critical flaw where a quoted post couldn't be edited down to the relevant portion, and there were some issues affecting other elements of the site, particularly the pop-up notifications. There were some missing features, like HTML mode, which may not exist at all in the new editor.)

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