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Import Data from Q2007 Again

I converted my Quicken 2007 data today, but had some problems. In Q2007 had identified some bond mutual funds as "Bonds". In Q2007 this doesn't change how things are calculated, but in Quicken 2019 it does -- dividing the number of shares by 100. (I ended up with 1/100th of the number of shares that I should have.) I tried changing the security type in Q2019, but this didn't correct the total number of shares. 

So I believe I need to make the change in Q2007 and import again. How do I clear out the entire file, or create a new empty file, and start the import process again?

Many thanks to anybody who can shed any light. 

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  • Steve29
    Steve29 Member ✭✭✭
    Thanks, Jacobs. I figured that out, and it's pretty much what I did. I haven't sorted everything out yet, but that certainly helped a lot.
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