can I edit the name of several categories at once?

Can I rename several categories at once, or do I have to edit them one at a time?


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    just guessing - but one at a time -
    don't really see a side-by-side table existing for ... Old --> New
    Don't know your example - but if you have "common name" category, and now need 2 of them - you could create a Main Category and then have multiple subs.... still have to manually edit, move, create things... but just chainging the mental logic
    ie - cars - people - houses - etc

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  • RickO
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    Not sure if this is what you're asking, but if you open the Categories window (menu Window > Categories), you can double click on a category name and change it. This will change every transaction that uses that category. 

    If you need to do this for several categories, then yes, you need to do them one by one.

    BTW, you can also merge categories by renaming one to be exactly the same as another. Quicken will ask you if you want to merge them.
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    If you meant "can I change the category on multiple transactions at once," then there's a way to do that, too. Select each transaction by Command-clicking them; then do File > Get Info (or Command-I) to open the Transaction Info window. If you enter a Category here and press OK, the Category will be changed on all the selected transactions. (Unfortunately,y this doesn't work on splits, so you have to edit them manually.)
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