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  • nhuddleston
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    I'm newly switched from QM 2007 to QM Deluxe (2019) and have yet to find placeholder transactions anything but a hassle. They only added to the mess that was made of investment accounts in translation from 2007, and now I've discovered QMD's opening balance placeholder trick in a connected credit card account. All it did was introduce an error that I had to spend time to track down. At first I just deleted it, then, after reading this thread, I did an Undo and tried something like the suggestion above (I had no trouble either deleting or editing). I changed "Opening balance adjustment" to just "Opening balance", changed the category from "Adjustment" to "Uncategorized", and changed the erroneous adjustment amount to zero. When I clicked Save, the transaction disappeared and I got a dialog saying something like it couldn't be displayed in this "filtered view". There were, of course, no filters on the view. Whatever. I just hope I don't get one of these every time I update the account.
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    When it says you're in a filtered view, you almost certainly are and just don't realize it. Look just above the column headings at the row of buttons that starts with the date range. Is the date showing "All Dates"? If not, that's a filter. On the right of that row of buttons, is the last one "Any Status", or is there a button to the right with a red 'x' called Clear Filters? If that button is there, you've got one or more filters on the register; click that button to clear all filters, and you should be able to see the entry you were previously editing.

    If you're working on a non-investment account, it almost always is best to delete any placeholder, and then create your own, manual opening balance adjustment to make things right.
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