How to correct a missed scheduled loan receipt

I gave a family member a loan and it is set up as scheduled loan payment. Somehow the payment for Sept was never entered in the register but the payments after that were entered. I tried manually entering the loan payment for Sept in the register and I was going to recalculate the principal and interest but when I entered the payment and when I "View Payment Schedule" under the loan, it lists the principal but the payment number and interest are blank (and I doubled checked that I entered the interest under the correct category).

Can I fix this so that the proper principal and interest are calculated for future payments? I don't mind manually correcting the past few months but I don't want to have to do it for 6 years.

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  • NCuser
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    Thanks! It worked like a charm. When I deleted all the payments back to the original missed one and used Loan Payment, the correct date showed up and I just re-entered them. The Next Due On date was correct so I didn't have to reset it.
    Thanks again!
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