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Schedule credit card payment as a percentage of card's unpaid balance to payoff in 6 months

Assume I need to pay off a credit card in 6 months to take advantage of an interest free  promotion period for purchases.  Is there a way to schedule in advance, monthly  partial payments of the next six months' unpaid balances as 1/6th 1/5th 1/4th etc. of those balances with the last payment being "1/1th" thereof?  I don't believe it is possible in Quicken (I suspect I have to enter the payment amounts manually every month) but I thought I would ask anyway.  Also, the card will be used during the six months, and whatever the 6th month's balance may be, the last payment will be 100% of that balance, so this is more about how to schedule the first 5 payments in advance.

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