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Good afternoon

I’ve been using Quicken for over 20 years mostly on Windows. A couple of years ago I converted to a Mac and have been using Parellels to run Quicken 2014. 

I have tried a previous Mac version, and found the reporting functionality lacking, and my reason for sticking with the Windows version.

A couple of questions,
Does this version give equal reporting functionality to the Mac version?

If so, when upgrading, do your existing reports get converted?

If not, what are the plans and timeframe on making the report functions the same on both Operating Systems?

I’d really like to eliminate using Parrelles, and use the Mac version but feel I can’t/won’t until I can generate the same Windows reports using the Mac version. 

Thanks for any info....   Steve

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    Thanks Jacobs for your valuable insight. 

    I do not have the subscription version but did try the Mac version a couple of years ago and found out, as you stated, it did not suit my needs. So I am still running the Windows version with Parellels. 

    I gusss I will continue to monitor future developments, and hopefully the progress continues and shortly will upgrade.

    Thanks again.... Steve
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