How do I get an Itemized Category Report?

I cannot seem to be able to get an itemized category report. I want to display all transactions for my business account (or any or all accounts) for one year sorted by category, then income/expense, then date. Please assume I'm a real novice with Quicken.


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    I don't think you can get quite what you describe. Because each Category is either in the Income or Expense group, that has to be the top sort order.

    But try this:
    • Go to Reports > Spending > Itemized Categories. 
    • Select the date range
    • Next to Sort by, select Date/Account
    • Click the gear at the top right of the report, click on Accounts, and pick the accounts you want to include.
    • You can organize the report either by "Income and Expense" which will show all the income categories followed by the expense categories and then any transfers between accounts, or by "Cash flow basis" which will put all the categories with inflows first, followed by those with outflows.
    • When you are done customizing, click on OK
    • Click the triangle next to "Update to show" and pick Transaction detail
    Hopefully that will do the trick for you. Experiment!
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