How to manually track a 529 account - creating "virtual security" and manual transactions

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I setup a 529 account, and last year 2018 - I withdraw all the funds and closed it as he was done with school.   Everything was fine, I used to manually create the virtual holding, and update it with the Price History, and for any divs or fee expenses, along with purchases and withdrawals....
you can see it all here -

then there is this part - the HOLDINGS - which shows the "virtual security" that I created.

My question is - even though we can see all the transactions above,
they do not show up for the actual "virtual security" that is used in those transactions ???

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    I suggest you open the 529 account, press Ctrl + Shift + E, select the Display Options tab, uncheck Keep this account separate..., select OK.
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    Interesting.... tnx -
    the Edit Account - Display Options - brought the transaction list back...
    I put a couple of accounts down in the "separate" area,
    so not to muddy the net worth.
    The rest are all CD or checking accounts for other purposes,
    this was the only account with a "security".
    Would not have thought that was part of the ....
    ... Reports and Features
    - being filtered out.

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - sticking with R47.15 - Win10

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