I have a few investment accounts that I would now like to merge into one account

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At first I purchased a mutual fund and created an investment account, later I purchased a second account from the same company and created a second investment account.  Later I realized it would make more sense to have an account where I could put the two acocunts as holdings into that higher level account.  Is that even possible without losing all of the transactions?  If it can be done I'd like to be educated on how to do it.

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    Need a little clarification - as you've the word "account" in a couple of different ways.
    Are these all at the same place -
    as defined by your same SSN and some kind of online User ID / password ?
    Some details would help... link multiple accts at a brokerage like Fidelity, Vanguard, etc.
    Lastly - are you wanting to use the Quicken online One Step Update to connect and download any transactions from these accounts - OR - are you manually keeping track of these investments.

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  • Let's see if I can clear things some hopefully.  I purchased a mutual fund from Investment firm X and created an entry under the Investing area on the left side of my screen for that fund (Fund 1).  I then later purchased an additional fund from the same Investment firm.  I created an entry for it as a separate entry in the investing area (fund 2).  I dawned on me months later that from an organizational view having one major entry where I could move both under it would be much better.  Thus the two mutual funds would be holdings under the major entry.  Right now I can't see a way to make that change.
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    I'm guessing you are doing this all manually - ?
    You should also mention which version of Quicken and version of Windows
    You can use real info here, as it makes it easier to offer solutions....
    it's harder not knowing the Investment Firm, the mutual fund symbols involved, and if you are doing things manually vs using the Quicken online download capability and One Step Update
    Lastly - might take a look at this thread.....
    and always perform a Quicken BACKUP before playing with any major changes to your Quicken data file 

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  • It is all manual, that link is not what I am wanting to do.  
    Let's see if I can sort of draw it. In my version which the latest via subscription and running Windows 10 with all of the latest patches, I have on the left side of the screen the following categories for lack of a better word.  Those are Banking, Investing, Debt and Separate.
    Under the investing I have a lot of stuff but I'll just focus on enough to give the idea.
           Roth IRA - Company A
           401k - Company B
           Traditional IRA (rollover) - Company C
           Mutual Fund 1 - Company D
           Mutual Fund 2 - Company D
    What I'd like to do is:
        Roth IRA - Company A
        401K - Company B
        Traditional IRA (rollover) - Company C
        Company D mutual funds
               Mutual Fund 1
               Mutual Fund 2

    See the hierarchy, it is what I have in the rollover IRA which has about 200 different stocks and other assets in it. and I'd like to duplicate it.  I've had the mutual funds for up to 30+ years in one case and about 15 in the other with tons of deposits and distributions so moving transactions is not really a viable option.

  • Thanks. I'll do exactly this.
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    I edited my post above to correct a few errors. Please refresh if necessary to see the changes.
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