Sync issues, not all registry entries sync ?

I've been using the desktop and mobile app for over a month now. The data transfer simply is not reliable. I've had entries in the mobile app not appear in the desktop. And also the desktop entries not appear in the mobile app. I don't get any formal ERROR message, I just have these random syncing registry issues. I will try resetting the cloud file to see what happens. Ill probably also try deleting the cloud file and starting over. However, even if this works for a while, this simply is not reliable enough to be using for personnel finance. Or any finance for that matter. Am I missing something here? Does anyone have success using the mobile app ? Very frustrated.....

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  • Kary
    Kary Member
    OK, here I am 9 hours later, I get on line to work my issues previously stated, I perform a sync and guess what, it all works? whats up with that? Did quicken see my post and react ? Doubt it. My guess at this point is that the quicken cloud servers cant handle the traffic, If your monitoring my posts quicken, please respond. 
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