Need help with Placeholder editing in Investing

How do I edit Quicken Deluxe 2019, Placeholder entries in investing that include date purchased, price per share paid, and number of shares?  I also need to delete a total line that displays sold shares and date sold.  This activity did not occur.  Thanks!

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  • Jim_Harman
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    Have you reviewed this FAQ entry?

    If you have already clicked Edit in the Placeholder and then clicked on Enter History to enter the purchase history, you should see Edit buttons next to each entry where you can make changes.

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  • ebbyjr@
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    Thanks for the help, I still cannot edit the Placeholder. I will keep digging into the Support section to see if I can find the answer/
  • ebbyjr@
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    This is what I am trying to do to no avail. I'm trying to change the 143 shares in my portfolio to 288 at my cost of $12.50 a share to show the correct cost basis.  The Sold Lot amount of 145 is simply showing the difference and should correct itself when the 143 becomes 288. The Edit Security displayed to the right does not allow me to modify the entry.  Your referral to "How to handle placeholders or FAQ" does not provide answer to my problem.

  • ebbyjr@
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    Thanks Jim for your help. I was able too get past the frustration I was experiencing with Quicken 2019, even though I still have problems.


    I am unable to remove the erroneous 143 shares in the placeholder AT&T Inc. dated 1/16/1990, displayed in Investing overview.  The correct placeholder information should read 288 shares @ $12.50 each with a cost basis of $3600.00.  I tried using the "Enter Transactions" window to correct this entry, to no avail.


    The Investment Transactions displays the correct information for AT&T Inc. which includes 288 shares @ $12.50 each with a cost basis of $3600.00.


    What else might I try to fix this? Below, I have included screenshots of  my two Window displays. I hope this may help.


  • ebbyjr@
    ebbyjr@ Member
    Hi Jim,
    I was able to fix the weird in placeholders.

    I was successful because you provided me a path to follow.  You also included information along the path that was very helpful.  I was lost prior to receiving your email.

    Thank you very, very much for all your help.

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