Credit card account data to my checking account?

I've added my credit card accounts and have categorized the transactions. How do I now add this data (or bring it into) the actual bank account from which I pay the credit card bill?

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    Thank you RickO. I watched the video and it's super helpful. The one remaining question I have pertains to Reports. Do I understand correctly that once I've downloaded the CC items, check that they're correctly categorized, and enter the Transfer transaction in the Checking account that pays this bill, the correctly categorized items will appear as a Split in the checking account so that when I print a report for my tax preparer each expense category will be properly populated?
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    @alertcom No, the only transaction in your checking account is the one monthly (typically) payment from your checking account to pay your credit card. There's no split; it's just a simple transfer.

    All the expense details are in the individual transactions in your credit card account. When you generate a report of your expenses, all those categorized expenses will be there.
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