How can I edit the CUSIP ID for a security that I manually set up?

I manually set up a security in Quicken that I hold in a Fidelity account. As part of that set up there was no place to enter the security's CUSIP ID. Now when I download data from Fidelity Quicken can not match the data from Fidelity to the security. How can I fix this?

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  • The check box is greyed out and unchecked. Any other suggestions?

  • I discovered that I had another security in Quicken (FBIOX) with the CUSIP ID of the one I was interested in (FSRPX). I don't know how the mix up occurred. I unchecked the "Download asset class information" checkbox for FBIOX and reran the Fidelity download. It filled in the correct CUSIP ID for FSRPX and all is working now. Thanks.
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