Need for Repeated Updates for Correct Portfolio Balances

Anyone know why I have to repeat the update procedure in order to get accurate portfolio balances?  If more than one day has passed a single update won't provide accurate balances and I have to repeat the update two or sometimes three times to get the correct balance.  Schwab is my broker - is it something having to do with them?  Thanks.


  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello BM749,

    Sorry, you haven't received a response yet.

    Are you still seeing this behavior? Are you able to see any reason why things are not correct after the first update?

    For example, do more transactions download the second or third update?

    Let us know!
  • Dale Thompson
    same problem here
  • q_lurker
    q_lurker SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    @BM749:  With some brokerages (don't know about Schwab), they do not pass along price updates unless they also have transactions to send.  

    I am not clear what parts of your portfolio are not getting updated.  Nor is it clear how you are asking for updates in Quicken.  Nor is it clear if you understand the differences between getting price or quote updates from Quicken's sources in contrast to getting price updates from your brokerage.  
  • BM749
    BM749 Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the feedback.  To answer q_lurker's questions, positions and balances are coming from Schwab and quotes are coming from wherever Quicken gets it's quotes.  It appears its the balances that are not updating fully.  Just to add, I typically do the updates after the markets are closed so there won't be any value changes attributed to ongoing pricing changes.  I presume Schwab is providing pricing info along with share balances, but it doesn't seem to me that it would make any difference on the quotes side if the market is closed - both sources should have the same prices.  Also, the failure to update fully the first time doesn't always occur - just can't figure out what is different when it doesn't vs. when it does update correctly.

    Dale - do you custody at Schwab?  If you're having the same issue maybe its at their end??

  • UKR
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    How soon after market close do you run OSU?
    Which security types do not update during the first download?
    It's been my experience that mutual fund quotes take longer to post than stock quotes. Mutual fund companies may take an hour or longer after market close to calculate their new prices.