How do I create a report of my charitable donations

How do I create a report of my charitable donations?  When I click on the Reports tab, and name the report, and then select the report range then try and then select the expense category, I am taken to a window where all income and expense for the period appear.  How do I add just certain transactions? 

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    Thanks, perfect answer
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    Alternatively, you can create the report with New Report > Transaction > Rows=Category.

    Then do the same as @RickO said: Click Customize and set the Date Range to Last Year. Click the Categories tab. Click "Include only transactions with selected categories". Click the Clear All button at the bottom. Now scroll through the categories list and check the one(s) you use for charitable gifts. (Quicken's default is "Gifts & Donations:Charity", but you might use one or more of your own.) Click OK.

    The resulting report is all your charitable gifts during the past year. You can show additional columns (such as Memo/Note) if useful; you can click on the Payee header if you want the list in alphabetical order.
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