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I'm using Quicken 2017 Premier for Windows. I had a problem with my original Quicken data file where it would cause Quicken to stop responding every time I used One Step Update to download transactions after around February 8th. I could restore from backup to view older transactions, but the same issue occurred every time, even after validating the file and trying to repair any detected issues.

I created a new data file by exporting my old transactions. It took about a week to catch up on downloading and reconciling transactions. I thought I was done until I noticed that the value of my 401(K) portfolio was way off. It is only showing shares acquired since February 8th.

After looking into this, I noticed that several of the securities downloaded with the same ticker symbol as before, but the name is listed differently than in my original data file. 

For example, ACRNX is listed as "Columbia Acorn Fund - Z" in transactions transferred from the previous data file, but listed as "Columbia Acorn Fund Instl" for the newly downloaded transactions.  This is just one of 7 securities where this issue occurred. With bi-weekly paychecks where I purchase into these funds automatically for the past seven years, there are hundreds of mislabeled transactions  causing my total shares to be miscalculated.

Other than re-entering the security name for each transaction, is there an quicker way to merge the two listings for ACRNX and each other mismatched security name per ticker symbol? I was looking for a find and replace or even a merge option in the security list, but I don't find anything like that for investment accounts.

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    I am not sure that simply changing the Security name will fix the problem.

    After opening a new account at Fidelity for active trading, I had several transactions showing on the One-Step update as having incorrect share balances in Quicken vs online at Fidelity. This occurred for two different reasons.

    1. After placing several hundred trades on the Fidelity site and then downloading a week or so later, I had to manually either accept a security as new or match it to an existing security in Quicken's portfolio. I made a couple of mistakes by accepting a NEW security with a similar ticker as if it was a security already in Quicken.

    2. Immediately after purchasing a new security, the company spun off a new company and security. The purchased security had ticker "A" and CUSIP "a1". A temporary holding company also had ticker "A" but CUSIP "a2". After the spinoff was completed, a company with a new but very similar name existed with ticker "B" but CUSIP "a2".

    I tried to fix all of these by changing the security name in the mismatched transactions. That didn't work because Quicken couldn't keep the CUSIPs properly aligned with date sequence of the events.

    Ultimately, I deleted all of the mismatched transactions and then manually entered each of the transactions paying careful attention to the name of the security, ticker and cusip. Only the deleting and reentering worked. Fortunately this was only about 8 transactions.

    Good luck!
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