How can I get a security price to reflect average cost in Account Overview to reconcile a Statement?

Some securities have an "avg cost" designated in the Shares column of the Account Overview when it is displayed. The security I am trying to reconcile is not so designated. I want that security to reflect the average cost so it will match the Statement details.

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    I am not exactly satisfied with the market value displayed for this security in the Account Overview based on the "As of:" date selected because the value is based on a share price that is too low based on the Lot Identification (LI) prices that are shown when the security is expanded to view them. If I calculate an average price from those LI prices, I get a market value that does match the value shown in the Monthly Statement. I have manually resolved the IRA Account for each transaction and am satisfied that the transactions in Quicken are correct. Therefore, I will proceed based on the assessment made.
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    Market value should be simply (share price on as-of date) x (shares held on that date) and should match the amount shown on your statement. If the value is different, I would check the price history for the security to make sure it is correct on the statement date. If Quicken does not have a price for the selected date, it uses the most recent earlier price. You can edit the price history to add or correct the price on the statement date.

    The prices next to the lot dates are the share price on the date the lot was purchased and have nothing to do with the current price.
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