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Any way to tour this product before you buy?  I have several business divisions  - but not property rentals running from my home. Currently using Deluxe version.  Will this give me better tax tracking?

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  • Can I track more than one schedule C?

  • Does it include an easier way to share account information with your tax preparer than the Deluxe version? I don't find it very user-friendly.  QB is way better for that sort of thing.

  • My husband's buy/sell/restore vintage motorcycle business does have a fluctuating inventory of parts from screws to fenders and engine components. The sorts of stuff that would drive you nutty to track in Quickbooks.  I've used that program for the other divisions of my Inc. for 20+ years.  
    For tax purposes, his numbers will get folded from our personal files into the corporation files annually.  
    I also have codings in Quicken so I can better track stuff by category. Airbnb, motorcycles, etc.  But I found pulling out the home expense numbers that will be split between 3 different areas to be a bit of a time chomper. 
    I'm looking for more efficient, more effective ways to do the entry and streamline tax time. 
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