Why is share balance not adding after a reinvestment?

I have manually entered in years of buys and reinvestments for a mutual fund and the share balance  is not adjusting properly - I think. If it did, I would not need the placeholders it created. It looks like every time there is a reinvestment, it starts over or something. Here is an image of what I have - see how the balance in the last column starts over in 2017 - I am not sure why.

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  • q_lurker
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    • You have a placeholder between 12/20/16 and 12/19/17 that 'reset' your share count (Check your preferences to make sure you are seeing hidden placeholders), or
    • The securities are similarly named but actually different such that the security for the 2017 and 2018 transactions is different than the security for the prior transactions.  
    Personally I lean toward the second explanation, but it is not clear from where you have snipped that portion of the screen, so I can't be sure..    

  • mshiggins
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    From C. D. Bales:

    " ... the share balance  is not adjusting properly - I think. If it did, I would not need the placeholders it created."

    I think you probably have cause and effect reversed.

    A Placeholder guarantees that the share balance of the security indicated in the placeholder will not change on the date of the placeholder ... no matter what transactions you enter. Transactions entered with a date later than the placeholder will have their impact on share balance based on the share balance in the placeholder.

    To see the bigger picture - to better grasp how your placeholders are affecting your Quicken share balance - modify your Quicken "Investment transactions" Preferences to "Show hidden transactions". [Placeholders have a Quicken Action value of "Entry".]

    You can learn more about placeholders here:


    Personally, I do not allow Quicken to create Placeholders. If there appears to be a discrepancy between my Quicken holdings and my holdings at the financial institution, I make it point to correct the discrepancy without the use of Placeholders.

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  • danncer
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    HI - when I took the screen shot - there are no placeholders in "place". But the share balance is not adding. If you do the math in the screen shot: All of these are additions to the share balance; 740+528+58+256+43+436+488 = should be 2551.41; NOT; 1026.692. Any ideas why? I have hidden transactions showing and there are no hidden transactions. 
  • NotACPA
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    Do EDIT, Preferences, Investment Transactions and Check "Show Hidden Transactions".
    Then take another look for those Placeholders.  As you've described the issue, they're there ... just hidden.
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  • danncer
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    Here is the screen shot of showing hidden transactions. That did not do it so I deleted just about everything and added it back in - showing no placeholders. It looks better - but still is not adding properly. I think my next step is to delete the account and start over. 

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