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I have a problem in my Fidelity 401k account.  My actual account holdings do not match with Quicken when I download an update. 

Furthermore, when I buy a new ETF quicken tries to import it as a an old and sold position. 

Quicken tries to import additional purchases through dividend reinvestment as the same old position.  I cannot delete the position.

I now have several positions that don't match every morning.   

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    The "Matched with online Security" check box is grayed out for my 2 mis-matches. I un-checked the box for the EFT that the mis-matches point to.  Updated but nothing happened.  I guess I have to wait for a transaction.  Will this correct the discrepancy that I get every morning saying the shares in quicken do not match shares reported?  Shares reported is zero.

    Thanks for your response. 
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    This is a clip from the Quicken Online Center.  How do I fix this?

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