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I have a problem in my Fidelity 401k account.  My actual account holdings do not match with Quicken when I download an update. 

Furthermore, when I buy a new ETF quicken tries to import it as a an old and sold position. 

Quicken tries to import additional purchases through dividend reinvestment as the same old position.  I cannot delete the position.

I now have several positions that don't match every morning.   


  • Jim_HarmanJim_Harman SuperUser
    In your example of buying a new ETF, if it is really new, i.e. not a security that is in Quicken's security list, when you first download transactions Quicken will ask if it is new or if it should be matched to an existing security. You should be sure to get this answer right.

    If you currently have mismatched securites in Quicken, i.e. you have transactions for  one security but Quicken thinks they are for something else, you must go through your transaction list and correct it so that it shows the correct security for each transaction. Then go to the security Details for each of the problem securities and un-check "Matched with online Security"  and the next time you download transactions, Quicken should ask which security to match it to. Back up your data file before making these changes in case something goes wrong.
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  • The "Matched with online Security" check box is grayed out for my 2 mis-matches. I un-checked the box for the EFT that the mis-matches point to.  Updated but nothing happened.  I guess I have to wait for a transaction.  Will this correct the discrepancy that I get every morning saying the shares in quicken do not match shares reported?  Shares reported is zero.

    Thanks for your response. 
  • This is a clip from the Quicken Online Center.  How do I fix this?

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    From C. D. Bales:

    "I guess I have to wait for a transaction".

    No, you don't.

    You can force Quicken to make a comparison by going to Tools > Online Center, selecting the financial institution and account, clicking on the Holdings tab, then clicking Compare to Portfolio.

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