Does Quicken have to be installed locally on the PC to use the web version?

If it does have to be installed locally, and I am using multiple pc's for my business will it need to be installed locally on each machine to access the web version or would one machine suffice? 

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  • dnlb17
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    Won't be multiple user's. Its small business but offices will be spread out. Will have 4 machines all together. If they do decide they want to use quicken online, will they need to install it on all 4 computers? or just one?
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    QMobile/Q-Web are companion methods of accessing some of the accounts in the desktop data file.  From the desktop, you decide which accounts you want mirrored into the Quicken Cloud Account and QMobile/Q-Web allow you to see and manipulate those accounts to some extent.
    The business functions are not something that can be controlled via the mobile method, so I don't see how it is going to help you.
    You need to look at Quickbooks as suggested by UKR.
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    dnlb17 said:
    Won't be multiple user's. Its small business but offices will be spread out. Will have 4 machines all together.
    Wow - from what printer do you need, to printing checks,
    and now basic How Does It Work -
    You really need to get a big picture of how your "client" will be using Quicken, or even if Quicken is the product for what they need to do.... or change the way they operate.
    Basically - Quicken is installed on a "main" single Windows PC - and ALL data is stored on that PC. 
    Done -
    If you want to "look" at the data, and maybe make some entries and other small updates, you can do that from either the Quicken Mobile App - or the Quicken on the Web from any browser - HOWEVER - you still need to get back to the main PC and Sync the data from the Quicken Cloud - which is just a small shadow of the Quicken data...
    You can also carry a "backup copy" of the Quicken data file from the main PC - but this becomes a logistical issue..... You would of course install the same Quicken software at all 4 locations - but the Quicken data would have to be shuttled between locations.
    - you would create a Quicken backup onto a flash drive - or a virtual online drive -
    - carry that flash drive to another location - or just access the virtual online drive -
    - then Restore from the flash drive - or the virtual online drive -
    - update or whatever
    - do another backup onto the drive to carry to next location or back to main PC
    - eventurally get back to main PC
    - and restore from virtual or flash to have Quicken reflect all your changes, updates, etc.

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