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I have been a (nearly) daily Quicken user since 1994.  I had a PC platform until about two years ago when I switched to Mac.  And I've been patient, but I'm at my wit's end with the miscategorizations!  It doesn't recognize things I've modified in the past, and it downloads payees with ridiculous categories.  I've even deleted the categories that I don't use, and they've reappeared!  

I've tried adding transactions with the same name and amount as a downloaded transaction, then dragging the manually-added category over the downloaded one.  I've done it in reverse.  No luck.

I often overlook something that's been miscategorized when I'm in a hurry, so it makes the budget and actual feature useless.

What the heck??  Do I give up and go back to the PC platform?  It takes me hours each month to clean up all of these things.  I'm so frustrated!

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  • bethwr
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    Still absolutely maddening. How does Quicken recreate categories?? I've deleted all of the categories that are irrelevant, but they keep auto-populating. For example, Starbuck's, shows up as "coffee shops" instead of dining or entertainment (as I've re-categorized it). Absolutely crazy. If I go back to Quicken for Windows, do I still have the memorized transaction option?
  • Tom Schaefer
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    I am new to Quicken, and took one of the tutorial sessions a couple weeks ago and specifically asked if future transactions would know to use the categories that I was assigning to the 18 months of transactions that I managed to import or create. He answered YES. I am very disappointed to observe otherwise.
  • kem
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    Quicken: Please fix this. Memorizing payee with category is an absolute must. I just spent hours assigning the correct categories with the payee (again) Monthly activity.
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