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As way of background, I use three currencies daily but this is NOT strictly speaking a question about handling multiple currencies in Quicken.

I like to use the Banking--Transactions screen to see how I'm doing within each currency each month to make sure I'm on track budget and income-wise for that currency. I'm a freelancer, so income and expenses are erratic and keeping an eye on cash flow is crucial. This screen is great because combines all the transactions in my various accounts for that currency and lets me see them in one place. What I'm missing is being able to have a balance for that currency for a given date. I only get a balance for today's date (top right corner). I checked under View-Columns-Banking to make sure there was no option for a balance.

What I'm trying to do here is to be able to start my month with the total I have to spend that month in that currency and then see what I have left on a given day without having to manually go between accounts, which show me this information and do the math myself to combine it all.

The screencaps I'm attaching show the Banking-Transaction screen with Mexican Peso Accounts selected. The other one shows my Peso account, which is cash for that currency. Notice that it has a balance coolumn. I also have two bank accounts (chequing and savings) and a PayPal account in this currency. So to know how I'm doing, I have to go to each of those accounts, record their current balance and then subtract that in an Excel sheet from the original combined starting balance. If I can get a balance for each account separately in Quicken, why not combined?

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    Thank you for your reply. I just had another look at reports based on the link you included and knowing that that was the direction to go. I think this is as close as I can get with Quicken as it is now:

    New report
    Summary -- Category, Account
    Customize -- Date Range (This Month, Any Account, Any Category)

    Then, Switch Currency at the top right.

    Balances are the bottom of the screen.

    I still need to refine it and I would have preferred to be in the register, but I think this is going to work. Thanks again!

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