shouldn't be realized gain...

IRA account; When I do a RMD, I have been showing as 2 entries: sold on date with cash showing, then  xout moves the cash.  Has gone well, until now, when it decided to breakdown part as a realized gain . This account is tax deferred, so realized gain should not show IMO.  The whole amount is taxable, gain not relevant.  Maybe I have not been doing something right all this time?


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    Where are you seeing realized gain?  Is the account type set to IRA?
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    Is this a T Rowe Price account? They download some realized gain info when I sell in my 401(k); I just delete it because the main Sell transaction includes the total proceeds.
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    @di5: On your investment when you sold the shares you realized the gain.  "Realized gain" in Quicken does not imply taxable realized gain. 

    Whether that gain was taxable or not is managed in Quicken (and the real world) by the account involved.  For all tax reports (by default) and tax related computations, Quicken will not include realized gains from tax-deferred accounts.

    For purposes of computing your overall investment performance and determining the returns on your complete set of investments, it is wholly appropriate to recognize the gains that you have realized whether taxable or not.

    The RMD withdrawal tax situation is controlled by the Tax Schedule information set for the account.  Considering your opening question, that likely should be 1099R: Total IRA Gross Distrib. (Edit Account Details / Tax Schedule Button).  When Quicken finds the deposit in your checking account as a transfer out from the IRA, I would then treat that as part of your income.  
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