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In completing an asset allocation report (total of 12 separate accounts contributing), one of the categories "Global Bonds" (which I use for emerging market equities since Quicken doesn't have a category for that, but I'll rant on that another day) shows a large cash balance for some reason.

When I choose to see the cash portion, it shows a high interest savings fund I own, plus the cash balance in various mutual funds. However the actual cold hard cash I have in each account is not listed here and instead that total is listed in the "Global Bonds" section of my report.

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    If you click the gear at the top right of the report to customize it and select Securities, is "No security (includes Cash)" checked? If not, uninvested cash will be excluded from the report. Look at the printed report - if the uninvested cash is small, it will be excluded from the pie chart.

    That doesn't explain you last screenshot however.Do you by chance have a security called Cash which you have told Quicken is a global bond?
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    Hi Jim, thanks for the reply.

    1) This isn't on the report window it's in the asset allocation window under the Investing -> allocations tab. When I click on the gear icon on the top right my options are to change my target for different security types or rebalance my portfolio.

    However I went to the report section and ran the Asset Allocation report, which I'm assuming you were referring to above, and the results are exactly the same.

    I definitely don't have a security called cash.  

    Additional info which may be helpful:

    1) On the first screenshot above, I'be redacted the numbers but I can say that the cash balance reflected on that screen is the correct amount.

    2) However if I actually clock on the "cash" line, it then takes me to a new screen (screenshot #2 above) and all of a sudden the total is much lower, with any actual cash now being removed. Note the absence of "cash" as a line on that screen

    3) Instead, any actual cash balances I have in my account are now transferred to the "Global Bonds" screen and although on screenshot #1 the amount is correct, when I click on it for detailed view (screenshot #4) now the cash line is in there.

    I therefore experimented with the following:

    1) Changing my three mutual funds under "global bonds" to instead be "unclassified".  The result of this was that when I click on "unclassified" on the main screen, the detailed screen now does not show me any cash.  This is good.  However if I click on the "cash" line for detail, the cash is still not shown there.  I clicked on every line and the cash was no where to be found

    2) Screenshot #2 above lists several mutual funds under the cash screen.  This is because I have the asset allocation for these funds under Security Detail to reflect the actual cash balances as listed by the MF company. However to experiment I changed all of these mutual funds to have no cash and also changed the NBI altamira fund to be a money market fund.

    Now from screen one (main screen) when I click on "cash" I just get a blank screen.  Again, my actual cash is no where to be found on any detail screen.

    3) I changed one Emerging Market fund back to "global bonds" and when I click on the detail view, the cash is back!

    4) I then changed my Emerging market funds to "Domestic Bonds" instead (when will Quicken either add an emerging markets category to this list or allow us to create our own asset classes anyway??), then the cash does not reappear on that screen.  So far, this has been the best solution I can come up with.

    It appears that for some reason, any cash in my accounts gets linked to Global Bonds.  Yes unless there are other global bond funds in my portfolio, it does not get listed.

    Hopefully this was clear....  thanks in advance for any further insight.
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