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This discussion was created from comments split from: How tdo I print my postfolo, X ray, holdings, Etc..
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(Edit 6/10/19) This Idea has been moved back to "Planned" status as this behavior is not fixed in R19.34 as previously stated. The File menu > Print Portfolio/X-Ray options not working was a bug that has been fixed in the R19.34 release of Quicken 2018/19 subscription. QWIN-15374


  • I'm also unable to print the portfolio X-ray. I'm running Win10Pro, V1903. The R18.16 Quicken File tab has a specific option for "Print Portfolio X-Ray".  I can see the Portfolio X-Ray information on the screen, but nothing happens when I click the print option.  I can print other Quicken reports without problems.

    I signed up for a Morningstar Premium subscription (I'm still in the 14-day free trial period), and that had no effect on the problem.

    The above posts are from 2015 and 2016. It is now 2019. If this is caused by a contract dispute between Quicken and Morningstar, I have to believe Quicken would have figured out by now that they couldn't deliver. This looks like a Quicken bug.

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    I'm using the same Q 2019 R 18.16 as you, @Brian Baertlein , and neither File / Print Portfolio X-Ray nor CTRL-P are doing anything.
    At this time, it appears that printing this (apparent HTML) page is not working.
    "Works as designed"? Bug? I have no idea. But I sure think of it as a good idea to get it working soon.
    Perhaps we can get the programmers to take a look at this ...
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    The Community Moderator changed this discussion to an Idea post. Ideas are reviewed by the programmers. They'll decide what to do about it.

    If you would like to see this problem resolved in a future version of Quicken please vote on it. To do so, locate the big blue box near the top of this webpage (or page 1 for long discussions) and click the "Up" triangle under the voting count. Wait a moment for the vote count to be registered and updated before you continue.

    Every vote counts.

  • Jim_Harman
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    I am running R19.44 and the Print > Portfolio X-Ray is still grayed out. I tried this on two computers and two data files with the same result.

    Neither that nor Ctrl-P is working.
    QWin Premier subscription
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    Jim_Harman said:
    I am running R19.44 and the Print > Portfolio X-Ray is still grayed out. I tried this on two computers and two data files with the same result.

    Neither that nor Ctrl-P is working.
    Hello @Jim_Harman

    Thank you for reporting that this issue persists in the current R19.44 build of Quicken 2019 for Windows.

    I am also seeing this behavior and am unable to print the Portfolio X-Ray through File > Print Portfolio X-Ray or Ctrl+P.

    The ticket has been re-opened with Development and this issue re-reported as "not fixed" with R19.34 release version.

    I've also updated the "idea" status from Implemented to Planned.

    Thank you,


  • Birute10
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    Build R23.14 - the issue is still not fixed. Just wondering if there Is a plan to get this working........
  • David Kracht
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    What is the status of "How do I print my portfolio, X ray, holdings, Etc.."
  • Mike S
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    Please make Portfolio X-Ray printable again.
  • Ajay
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    I am using Quicken 2020, version R27.24 and Build, and still cannot print Portfolio X-Ray. The print is grayed out. Any updates when this will be fixed?

  • Martin Brook
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    Same comment. Its about time Quicken fixed this and a lot of other things on this 1990s era program.
  • Pj
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    Unable to print the Portifolio X-ray page? It is grayed out. Current quicken version R27.42
  • barkeronsi
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    So, what is the status of being able to print portfolio xray? Running version R27.1.29.22 and it is still greyed out
  • drbrandt1
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    Here is another vote to enable print (or cut and paste) of X-ray stock data. It would also be nice if more than 50 Stock would show up in the X-ray analysis.
  • Bradster63
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    Please fix Print Portfolio X-Ray (Windows R30.14).
  • randjhiggins
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    Please fix Print Portfolio X-Ray (Windows Quicken Premier R33.24)
  • Jason C3
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    Updating the layout and allowing it to be printed would be great. 
  • Fred Neal
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    +1 This needs to be fixed.
  • Namm
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    Another vote to fix this - ridiculous
  • islandhop
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    Another vote to fix this please
  • Tom Knueven
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    Running R38.29 Another vote to fix this. This should not be that big of deal. Keep up with the competition.
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    Although I have been a Quicken user since 1988, now on Quicken Premier v44.28, I just discovered the Morningstar portfolio X-ray feature this week. However, I am dismayed to find that I cannot print out the report. Not even the Windows snipping tool works to make a screenshot. After searching the Quicken community, it appears this has been an issue for over 3½ years! When might we expect this to be resolved?
  • quick25
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    Quicken user since 1998 and now on Version: R49.33. Another vote to fix this issue Quicken!
  • This still is evidently not fixed. I can find no way to print the Portfolio X-ray, nor even to cut and paste into another program to print it. Is there some problem with the relationship with Morningstar? Please give an update on the status.