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I have been using Quicken for 20+ years.  I was recently forced to get the new version, 2019 Deluxe, and I print out a Category Summary once a month.  I found out out last month that it had dropped 12 items from the report and this month I double checked it and found that it had dropped 20 items from the report.  Has anyone else had this kind of problem and how did you resolve it?

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    Thanks for your worked perfectly.  You are a genius.
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    One "trap" to watch out for in the "New Reports".

    The default setting for these reports is to exclude hidden payees. Be sure to check the Payee tab in the customize dialog. You will need to check the box to include any hidden payees - if desired.

    This can come into play if you are looking back in time and have hidden old inactive payees in the Payee List.
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